No Virus Protocol


Let’s start again from Cupra Marittima with a peaceful stay in safe spaces

We are all experts in social distancing, sanitary etiquette, hygiene and we all want to live in healthy and safe environments.

At Le Conchiglie srl company (Residence I Delfini, Residence Stella Marina, Casa Albergo Liberty, Residence Borgo Offida) we have renewed our proposal, to make a healthy tourist stay by the sea, in safe spaces.

How we welcome you:

  1. We respect all the requirements provided by the competent authorities in everyday life and at work (social distancing, health education, hygiene, etc.)
  2. We have adopted the protocol, an action plan and guidelines to organize virus prevention and we have trained and informed our staff on how to operate to optimize prevention;
  3. In the apartments: in addition to the usual cleaning, after each departure we provide the complete disinfection of the apartment (surfaces, furniture, accessories, dishes, fixtures, handles, switches, remote controls, keys, etc.) and all the things that can come in contact with people; we replace and sanitize all linen (sheets, towels, tablecloths, bedspreads, sofa covers, pillows, etc.)
  4. In the common areas: in addition to the usual cleaning, we provide the disinfection of surfaces, furniture and everything that can come into contact with people;
  5. We minimize physical contact between people, we avoid gatherings, we organize routes and we favor online check-in and check-out;
  6. We supply safety and protection devices to personnel and customers (masks, hand sanitizer gel, surface disinfectant, disposable cloth);
  7. We organize and regulate life within our structures so that social distancing and health recommendations can be fully effective;
  8. We provide a service of assistance and continuous communication to customers regarding the organization of the holiday and any health needs;
  9. We control and monitor life and behavior in our structures to ensure that everything proceeds in compliance with the rules.

What we ask you:

  • To minimize physical contact between people by staying over 1 meter away from one another, preferring online check-in and check-out, avoiding gatherings and following the recommended pedestrian paths;
  • To follow the prescriptions provided by the competent authorities on a daily basis (social distancing, hygiene, checking for any symptoms and communicating them) and our specific indications that we provide to you through advice and requests for collaboration;
  • To use personal protection equipment where necessary (mask, disinfectant gel, gloves);
  • To follow our advice and recommendations on how to conduct your stay in our structures, for social distancing and health education to really work;
  • To communicate at the Reception any problems, malfunctions, changes of the guests accommodated, dubious behavior and anything you might think is appropriate for the safety of the internal life of the structure.

This change will be an evolution that we see as growth, a further improve.

Our passion for welcoming you, the quality and care of our services, and making your holidays safe and unforgettable will remain unchanged.


New Cancellation Policies for Everyone:



For stays UNTIL JULY 1st  AND FROM AUGUST 31st

If canceled or modified up to 4 days before the arrival date, no fee will be charged.

Beyond this limit, cancellations, late changes or no-shows will result in a charge of 30% of the stay.

For stays FROM JULY 2th  TO AUGUST 30th

If canceled or modified up to 30 days before the arrival date, no fee will be charged.

Beyond this limit of 30 days from the date of arrival, cancellations, late changes or no-shows will result in a charge of 30% of the stay.

If Marche Region and/or the region of origin of the guest, at any time, should impose confinement measures (lockdown) such as not to allow the stay, the entire deposit will be returned.

Late arrivals or early departures do not entail reductions in the rental price. If you cannot arrive on the fixed day, we ask you to notify us by email or fax. In case of no-show, after 24 hours from the scheduled date and without notice, we will consider the apartment available for a new rental.

Everything here described is thought to make your stay peaceful and in safe spaces!!